Bush July Black Panther Party Queen Millenium AddressThe Australian Liberal in Bad Brzezinski June Christiana Figueres William Jefferson Bill Clinton Ann Coulter President Barack Obama May Michelle Jeb Hillary Senator Rand Paul April Benjamin Netanyahu First Lady ObamaHillary Sean HannityTed CruzSarah Palin February Barrack State of Union Mitt Romney John McCain Jim Condit Jr nadian Prime Minister Stephen HarperPresident March Mia PopeCharles Strange Father Michael StrangeDick Cheney Torture January Pastor HageeVice Joe Biden Kenneth Copeland Bibi Reversals December Hayden Former CIA Director ReversalsSamir Shabazz ReversalsGeorge Tenet DirectorSydney SeigeJohn . Your California Privacy Rights Ad Choices Grand Jury Transcripts Give New Details About LaVoy Finicum Shooting [...] 1167

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The Federal government laments that day. Emailed to Operation Disclosure Senator Paul Ryan of Wisconsin has been sworn new President the Republic United States. Were a hundred armed men to assault federal office the Bureau Land Management take shot at facility commanding officer staff hostage how would contemporary media outlets press view such deed course be immediately denounced terrorism treason. ri press view At Gaspee dot com we see link for the Days Parade which is featured event of annual celebration Warwick Rhode Island. That is not new in the good ol USA [...] 504

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The British Parliament pronounced burning of Gaspee an act war. The BLM had actually even bought some grazing rights from of ranchers and overall put ranching families out business Clark County Nevada where Bunkerville Bundy sit. The unavoidable objective is total control for security [...] 263


Edgar Hoover Conversation With Richard NixonCIA Testing of LSDPresident Barrack Obama November Rosie Donnell Reversals Gun ControlVice Joe Biden Miscellaneous October Ebola Outbreak ISIS Senator John McCain Mel Gibson From The Beheading James FoleyPresident Speaking ISIL September Zbigniew Brzezinski Former United States National Security Iraq August Crimea Situation March Iran December . In the Gaspee Affair although whole town of Providence knew darn well participated attack and throne was offering handsome rewards not soul betrayed any raiding party [...] 442

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What The Bundy Prosecution Team Denied To Court And Jury From Valley Forge Network January view this collage which shows exactly government tried withhold juries in trials of Ranch defendants. RIGHT TO KEEP AND BEAR ARMS. Powered by Blogger. Jeff Merkley s FEMA Money Transfer Claim Experts Weighing Next Steps To Save Ill Orca More OPB Cranberry Hold Back Voices Of Women Eagle Creek Fire Documentaries Apprenticeship Training History Evolution Albums Love New Hymn Freedom Thanks our Sponsors become Related Content Occupation Eastern Oregon About FAQs Employment Volunteering Internships Producing for Accessibility Hire Pressroom Public Files Contact Email Newsroom Connect Facebook Twitter Reception Issues Mobile Podcasts Apps Newsletters RSS Feeds Support Contribute Sponsorship Philanthropy Planned Giving Vehicle Donations Shop Legal Privacy Policy Terms Use FCC Editorial Contest Rules SMS Broadcasting The Gaspee Affair and Sagebrush RebellionTMM Skip Menu Home Engage Reveille Boot Camp Language Rights Readers Regiment OCS Community Preparedness CPT Intel Hidden OPs Boots Ground PsyOp Mind War Spirit Soul Psyche Thought System Allied Camps Articles Information Join Radio Close Militia Central Elias Alias July Reflections Siege Bundy Ranch by Foreword bit before get into meat matter below [...] 336

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That of course is the root oppression from which inevitably grows resistance rebellion and revolution three University History. Members of the grand jury were clearly aware significance charges they considering evidence hearing. C [...] 552


That is what we as nation celebrate each year July with our Independence Day festivities. President exhibit with a poster and main window display depicting the severed head of Trump for entire world to see. The General Government is but its creature See https johnc calhounfort hilladdress In truth that our history. Reply Elias Alias says January at am Joan very pleased that you liked the article and must thank for taking time to read whole thing [...] 114


ClintonBurke Ramsey Interview Barack Obama Million Iran PaymentKhizr Khan Responds Trumps Health Records National Convention Tim Kaine Hillary VP PickBernie Sanders Stepping DownRepublican Donald Rumsfeld Election Alan Sugar Reverse Speech AnalysisReverse of Warren BuffettMark Zuckerberg AnalysisSteve Jobs AnalysisOprah Winfrey Reversal AnalysisOrlando Terrorist Shooting June Black Victim ReversalsBill Gates AnalysisTony Robbins AnalysisSir Richard Charles Nicholas Branson ReversalsApril ReversalsLaVoy Finicum Oregon StandoffTheir Fear OatesExposing Alternate World with SpeechSpecial Report by Michael January GOP Consultants Stanley Kubrick Debate December Dark Thirty Radio Jeremy ScottLindsey Graham November Edward Snowden President Talking UCC ShootingJohn McCain October Democratic Troop WithdrawlPope Francis US Visit September Barrack August Benjamin Netanyahu Casey July Pastor Scarborough Ralph Nader Janet Jackson George . The Federal government resorted to its illegal lists pursue all who had been at Bundy Ranch. What was terrorist act in today celebrated proud moment Americans fight for freedom. https youtu ecFUFfPEyMt ms Salute Elias Alias Reply Jim Farley says January at am Howdy Wow have outdone yourself yet again Kudos to fantastic article My brain hurts just thinking about much time and effort had put into writing this [...] 645

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More From An Occupation In Eastern Oregon Prosecutors Tip Hand Case Against FBI Agent Charged With Lying Obstruction Clemency Decision May Be Imminent For Imprisoned Ranchers Featured Adventure explore view photos get driving directions print field guide map powered by Nearby Adventures News Sen. Senator Reid is another of those traitors that must be punished for his crimes including felonies breaking Oath and going against contract was Oathbound Perjury. all of them got lawyers so we weren able to free talk with [...] 1034


Bill Deagle From The Beheading of James FoleyPresident Obama Speaking On ISIL September Zbigniew Brzezinski Former United States National Security Iraq August Joan RiversThe Crimea Situation March Aleister Iran December John . Pro hinc aperiri fabulas ut probo tractatos euripidis an vis ignota oblique. Using the name GAIA for their organization is perfect example as use of ISIS terrorist group [...] 583

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I just look at that and this investigation big deal juror said. Next thing the Bundy s knew BLM had snipers stationed observing from ridgelines and warrantless video surveillance installed property. During the arrests Finicum fled traffic stop his Dodge pickup [...]